Resilience Rooms

The resilience rooms help us to adapt and cope with life circumstances by becoming more keenly aware and fully paying attention to ourselves, others and the world around us. These guided meditations are tools for helping us tap into our best selves and living life meaningfully.

As we approach our lives with unconditional resilience, we open ourselves up to a life with endless possibilities. We armor ourselves and approach the world with the belief that we hold the strength and power, within us, to make changes, thrive and accomplish all that we set out to. We approach life with self-belief and proactively take action based on self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.


Free your child from overeating

Chapter 1: Being Present

Being Open to Mind and Body

Chapter 2: Helping kids and teens connect with their values

Countryside Road
Who You Want to Be

Chapter 3: Helping kids and teens get to know themselves

Your Journey

Chapter 4: It’s all in the mind

Accepting Yourself

Chapter 5: The power of the 4ps

Blue Lagoon
Striving for What You Want

Chapter 6: All in the family: What parents can do

Lake Boat
You Are Who You Are

Chapter 7: Teaching kids and teens the many facets of communicating

Hands Holding
Freedom to Be

Chapter 8: Friends and other outside influences

Awareness of Your Body

Chapter 9: Active Living

Getting to the Finish Line

Chapter 10: Getting others on board

Rocky Shore
The Sunset from The Mountaintop

Chapter 11: Helping kids and teens get back on track

Mountain Tops
You Hold the Power
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